martes, 24 de mayo de 2016

The Snail and The Whale

The theatre 'The Snail and the Whale' was a fantastic experience for the 4th years.

Read on and watch the videos.
Our interest in whales, came about after working on a story called
DEAR GREENPEACE, where the students were able to practice their letter writing skills to and from Greenpeace in search of information about how to help this species.

In the process, we learnt a great deal about whales and started on an investigation about their lives, characteristics and habitats of these incredible creatures. 

Then we started working on Julia Donaldson's marvellous story 'The Snail and the Whale', a rhyming text. We adapted the story into script format and began to devise the action. Lots of patience, hard work and time was required to create the action, but the students gave a 100% of effort.
We are very fortuante to have Piluka Casasnovas and Julia, whose musical talent created the song for the theatre which tied the show nicely together. 
All in all it was an amazing journey. Thank you to the tutors involved (Carolina and Enrique) and all the parents and students who made such wonderful audiences. 

Miss Louise.

Here are some examples of the action. 

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  1. me encantó vuestra actuación. FUE INCREÍBLE TODO LO QUE TRABAJASTEIS

    1. Thank you so much Candela!!!!! I still remember you last year doing the theatre.

  2. fantastico trabajo!!!
    geniales son muy valientes


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