viernes, 29 de abril de 2016

Nos presentamos en inglés para el Proyecto "Amigos Activos"

Pulsa AQUÍ para entrar en el Proyecto de "Amigos Activos".


This group of 22 students from class 4ª CEIP bilingüe Valdespartera have decided to take part in this grand sports day that will take place on the 19th of May this year. As such, they have been preparing like crazy during the P.E. classes and at playground time in the ’Super Leagues’.

Their effort and training everyday is proving to be very positive as they are getting better and better at the sports they practice and they can’t wait to share these experiences with the 5 other schools that will also be participating!


From the very start of the year the class 4B from CEIP bilingüe Valdespartera have used all their P.E. classes to learn, practice and improve a range of different sports. Some of these, like ‘Pinfuvote’ an unknown sport at the moment and ‘Pichi’ have turned out to be real favourites!!!!


This is a photo of the super girls and boys in class 4C from CEIP bilingüe Valdespartera School. This particular group of students absolutely love P.E. classes and they are experts at ‘alternative sports.’
They are truly dying to get together on the 19th of May with other boys and girls their age to have an unforgettable day together.
During this year they have been training for lots of different sports so that they’ll be ready and waiting for the big day!

All of them are expert at ‘Pichi’, very agile at ‘Datchball’, talented at ‘Ultimate’, veterans at ‘Floorball’ and novices at ‘Pinfuvote’ .

We are delighted to introduce classes 4A, B and C to you!

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